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Lea Had a tiring but inspiring time at the convention!
Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 11:08 am on Apr 14, 2012

I got to hear Andrew Pudewa from IEW speak 3x. No matter what writing program you are using, I highly recommend his talk titled, "The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing". It's a $3 download at the IEW website, but is *not* at talk tied to using the IEW materials. Anyone using any program can benefit from this talk!

It was wonderful having Mr. Pudewa at the booth to answer my questions. I first talked to him about my soon to be 12th grader. After explaining to him the type of learner he is and what his abilities are in writing already, he suggested that I *not* purchase their new Writing Research Papers that I was considering. He said at the booth (and in one of his talks) that doing *more* *smaller* writing assignments is always better than than one or two BIG writing assignments, which makes sense.

The author of Fix-It Grammar by IEW was there. I got to ask her about using the program with a dyslexic student. I just love how the IEW folks are SO honest and not just pushing their products. She answered that she had no idea, but told me to ask Andrew, who has a severly dyslexic son.

He and I talked about dangers of a dyslexic student seeing the something written with mistakes. He then said that it could work if we marked mistakes with different colors while doing the exercise on a whiteboard.

But as the day went on, I got to thinking about just using the already corrected passages in Fix-It as studied dictation. I KNOW this method works with my son and having Fix-It as a resource for passages and what to teach in each passage will make it SO easy.

I shared my idea with the author to see what she thought and she LOVED it. She even said that she might add that as an optional idea for the program in her next edition!

SO....for my purchases:)
*Fix-It Grammar
*Teaching the Classics
(Got the 2010 Writing Eductor's Sympsoium audio free for spending a certain dollar amount at the IEW booth. Already listened to a bit of it. It's gonna be a helpful resource too!)
*Math U See Epsilon and manipulatives

Adam Andrews who does the Teaching the Classics program was supposed to be at the converse to speak, but somehow got the wrong info and didn't come. They did have audios of the last talks he did a week or so ago. I purchased the one titled, "Designing Your Own Lit Program". Very pratical and motivating also.

Greta Lea:)

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