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Sherry Bowlsby Michaela and I have been doing some talking/brainstorming. (Copied from the SHE Board)
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Posted at 6:58 pm on Apr 14, 2012

Michaela & I talked about some thoughts I have about writing a book about choosing/using hsing materials that **I** like but don't see being TALKED about much on hsing boards. Sort of like a cross between Cathy Duffy's original books (which I LOVED) and Elijah Company's catalog (now OOP, as far as I can tell).
We talked of including lesson plans and having RR catalog title and item numbers listed, so people could FEEL like they are ordering a package. (It seems a lot of the programs people are seeking out, on message boards, are packaged programs such as SL, HOD and MFW). In my book, I am going to HIGHLY recommend what used to be SL5, for example.
The lesson plans I was considering trying to include would be for PP, RGAA (dividing the book into three separate studies) and a how to for Queen Language Lessons.
It would be a book about the programs/items **I** like and recommend. It wouldn't be super all-inclusive the way Cathy Duffy's originally was.
It wouldn't be a: this is what you use for first, this is what you use for second type of book either.
It would be more of a: this is how you flesh out the first three books of PP to make them last a total of six months. This is how you flesh out the second three to finish up for a 9 month school year. I ditched the last two books (as far as activities) because the topics are too grown-up.
Does that make sense?
I thought instead of trying to make it make sense, I would just start writing (randomly, if necessary) and pulling it all together later.
I am hoping it might be like the geography book Geography Matter sells. A guide for teaching geography through the school YEARS.
Mine would be like that. These are ideas for general ages/grades. These are the English programs I like. These are the personality/learning style type of children I think they work best with.
I am going to have to purchase a few things to do this. Michaela wants me to call publishers and ask for a free book (because publishers used to send me free products to review quite a bit).
I am not doing this to make money. She and I doubt there is money to be made. I'm doing it to do something worthwhile and important.
And, I don't even know if I can REALLY do it. (Write a book). So, please be in prayer for me.

I might be able to add in some of our adventures in a chapter about hsing through special circumstances.
I think I need to start WRITING and see what happens. See what comes out of me.

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