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Lea I think this is a great idea.
Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 8:25 pm on Apr 14, 2012

I already think about the day when my boys are all grown up and worry about feeling useful.

This weekend at the convention, I got to visit with a friend who now works for Homelife Academy (umbrella school based in West TN, my area:). Her girls are both *away* at college and one just got married in January.

She says that working for Homelife is the BEST thing ever. She does office work *and* gets to counsel and advice folks who call or email them!

I told her I want to be her when I "grow up"! She then said that maybe I could when HL opens an office in Indy. Now, I didn't really process that until the drive home, so I'm not sure she meant that is the real plan for HL or not. I know one thing, I'm praying that it is and that I get to work for them if they do this. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

Greta Lea:)

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