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cellomom I haven't used Prairie Primer, but I think the format is similar.

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Posted at 10:16 am on Apr 16, 2012

There is easily enough content for 2 years. Dd dropped the history early on, because she had previously been working through MOH and wanted to finish that. Where the Brook's history jumps around according to what is going on in the chapter, so she didn't like that as well, but it covers a lot. There are a lot of hands on projects like rug making, sewing a skirt, crocheting, and things like that. She did maybe one of those, but she had already done a bunch prior to this course.

She has really liked the literature part of it, and that is what we mostly got it for. It uses Writer's Inc, and so she has done that portion as well. She also did most of the Bible and a lot of the health. Towards the end here, she's been getting bogged down, so even though it wasn't just because of WTB we decided to cut everything from it except for the literature aspect. Looking back, I would not be so hands-off with this. She initially wanted to just pick and choose what to do herself, but I really should have just told her certain things to do and been done with it. She loved the freedom of making the choices, but in the end, I think that is what contributed to feeling bogged down.

She has taken this as an 8th grader which is the youngest that Margie Gray really recommended this for. It's definitely got a lot of more high school things in it. There is a ton of writing we skipped.

We'll be selling this at the end of the school year if you or anyone else you know is interested. E is not as mature as dd, so it would be at least 7 years before we get to it, and I don't know if she'll love Anne like dd did/does. We have several of the supplemental materials that go along with the program, and I'll probably put it all at half what I paid.

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