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Lea UGH...Now my oldest is struggling with his math again. I mean NOT GETTING IT AT ALL...
Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 12:39 pm on Apr 17, 2012

This Alg. I Systematic Math modules is nothing but word problems. There's 27 lessons. He was doing pretty good until lesson 17 18, where he missed about 1/4 of the problems. Then, lesson 19 and up he has NO idea how to do the problems. I mean, nadda, nothing!

The thing is, I am SOOOO weak in math myself that I have NO idea how to do these problems (well, I *could* figure them out, but I know I wouldn't be using the algebraic formulas the student is expected to us).

And our "tutor" (my hubby) is gone for 3 weeks!

I'm SO frustrated that Systematic Math has ONLY the *answers* in the answer key. The problems are NOT worked out so that the parent can see all the steps. UGH.

I'm wondering if I should get MUS for him too and work through it WITH him (he's taking the pre-Alg. competency test for MUS right now...when he looked it over before beginning, he was saying he might not pass it:(

I feel like such a failure!

We could watch the dvd's together, work with the manipulatives together and then do the workbook pages using an answer key that has the problems COMPLETELY worked out so we can see exactly where we went wrong.

Why would a company NOT put the problems completely worked out in an algebra answer key?????

Ya know, we could have just wonderful school years at my house if it weren't for MATH! Even my struggling reader and writer would prefer to read and write *all* day! UGH.


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Greta Lea:)

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