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Sherry Bowlsby Audiblox is a program developed for children w/CAPD, dyslexia, dysgraphia...
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Posted at 6:08 pm on Apr 18, 2012

and maybe some other LDs as well. The MEAT of the program consists of doing this very long patterns w/blocks. It can get to the point where your child is remembering the sequence of a hundred blocks. REMEMBERING!
There are also quite a few other activities, including the traditional military running through tires, only you use shoe boxes and tossing bean bags.
You don't really do much w/words (there is one activity w/small flash cards) and yet the child will gain a lot of academic improvement in a short period of time.
Zach gained something like 2 years in six months on a WJ test. IMPRESSIVE! I also video taped him reading before and after and you could SEE and hear a marked improvement.
It is not an easy program. It takes an hour to do and we did 5 hours a day!!! It was well worth it and I **always** recommend this program over academics any day. You can catch up on other things later.

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