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AEinMd Interactive metronome? ...
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Posted at 3:22 pm on Apr 21, 2012

It's amazing and not controversial. It was better than Audiblox (which did nothing for my kid) or Earobics for my kid. When he did it, he was in ps and the school came to me asking what meds he was on because they thought I had put him on meds and not told them! That said, I've never heard of a parent doing IM. It's usually done with someone who has gone through the training-- and you can't do it on a tramp. I wonder if you did one of the listening therapies like Somonas?

Earobics is actually really good. That and Fast Forward are commonly used for CAPD/ language disabilities that include dyslexia.

I think the degree of benefit depends a lot on the kid's levels and their areas of disabilities. That said, no one will be hurt by doing a few months of Audiblox or Earobics. But there are programs that target higher levels if a kid is functioning there and needs specific language help. (ETA: Then again, if a kid is functioning at a very low level, these other therapies can be used after Audiblox/ Earobics, etc. My ds went from under 5% receptive and expressive speech to testing 'normal' and earning high ACTs but it took years and years of language work. Of course, the degree of remediation depends on the child and I was blessed that my ds was always very cooperative. It's like a step ladder of skills where those therapies work at the basic level but that doesn't mean that they don't still need therapy after that at a different level.)

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