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cellomom Conference update:

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Posted at 12:09 am on Apr 22, 2012

I really don't have time to write everything I want to tell you about, but I'll start by saying I'm SO glad I went back today. It was relaxing and especially fun looking at several things with a friend as we tried to figure out a couple of courses. I still haven't settled on Government or Econ, but I have a few new ideas that I'm going to look into further

I found a new science curric that looks kind of neat...has grammar and logic stage that I could see. I wrote it down, but need to find that again.

I looked at SO many things...Runkle and lots of other geography resources. I do not like the Runkle Maps, so I will add in something in their place. I may use something I have, get Uncle Josh's outlines, the World Maps from YWAM, a simple 3rd-6th grade Evan Moor I found, or the Geography Coloring book (very detailed, but I think dd would love it...might overwhelm ds though...not sure). If I can pull it off, I will probably get 2 resources and let them pick.

The ONLY curric I bought was yesterday. I got The One Year Adventure Novel and one extra workbook. Can't wait to start this with them! I bought a music theory book I'd never seen (starting my collection) at the used book place. It's quirky. I can't wait to dig into it a bit more.

Today I bought the fluff I always try to get at conference. It's my once a year splurge on reading books that I can't check out from the library. I finished off our Christian Heroes set from YWAM and bought my first Heroes of History (Ronald Reagan). They have 4 on audio now, so I bought one of those (Eric Liddell) for my niece's bday. I bought a book on hospitality for me from them. I loved the title, and I didn't get to peruse it much, so I hope it is beneficial to me. LOL

For E I purchased 3 how to draw books from Miller Pad and Paper. They are adorable and simple. I'll have to find them and link them. I bought her Faces, People, and Flowers (they were 4.99 each w/10% discount). These will be for art fun. I also got her a Patch the Pirate CD. I'm really tired of Adventures in Odyssey, and I decided I'd love her to learn some character songs. She seemed to like it. At that booth (Courtship Connection), I also bought the 10th book in The Farm Mystery Series. We started collecting these a few years ago way back when there were only 4 or 5. I think there's been a new one at conference every year. They are by the Castleberrys. Dd has already read it. LOL.

Anyway, as I start sifting through things, I'll try to categorize some of the things I looked at if you are all interested.

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