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Angie in VA I'm so glad you're feeling better! And YAY for J's job! I tell ya, motivation like that

Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 12:06 pm on Apr 27, 2012

is far better than any lecture. :) I've had bad colds when death was welcome and I lie in bed and think how great it will be when I feel good again. You get all the way well, you hear me, young lady?

We had a few less activities this week (one TKD class was skipped for the younger kids for their belt testing, bb game rained out). It was so nice! And debate is over, so that's great that we have every Friday free again. :D

QOW answer:
Ds has 3 weeks left of his Sonlight core. Then we're doing London stuff, Shakespeare, etc. this summer, including Olympics watching! (July 27-August 12). The London study is my justification for watching so much tv for so long! We will continue w/ math, writing and music all summer. We do go easy during all stars, if he makes the team.

Dd is focusing on music theory for her upcoming AP exam in about 2 weeks. I'm letting her focus on it, since the class and test are $$$.

Our big news: our fridge was repaired! A storm knocked out power and fried our fridge's mother board. We're poorer, but not as bad as we'd be if we needed an entire new fridge! So we used a smaller fridge and saved most of our food, so I'm grateful! The new mb arrived yesterday. Dh put it in when he got home last night. This morning making breakfast was SO EASY! I did hope to lose weight by going up and down the basement steps to get and put away our food. I might have. But this is better for sure. Color me happy!

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