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Tina Duke Need help figuring out what ds needs for foreign language .. he's a junior.. one year left..

Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 8:20 am on May 1, 2012

we've been "doing" french forever.. here and there.. immersion type stuff...especially in elementary.. then Learnables...a little Rosetta Stone... but nothing that has stuck as far as speaking it or anything.. we dont' speak it in our household either.. anyway...I bought Michel Thomas.. which I'll link here and it's more of a conversation french.. we've been kinda nilly willy with that too..the plan was to do So You REally Want to Learn French.. after finishing Michel Thomas. it has grammar and such in it.. This is a recommendation that I got from a mom on well trained mind.. thought it sounded good.. but I lost a cd for SYRWTLF and thought it would show up and didn't ..etc..so things never progressed along.. SO.. I was thinking about getting levels one and two of syrwtlf and try to fly through it by the end of senior year.. but I was thinking last night.."what if" instead of doing that.. we just do the Michel Thomas everyday and "really" do it .. kwim...he'd have a really good grasp of speaking the language.. he's thinking of computers.. gaming.. or police work.. so I don't think he'd really need foreign language beyond the Michel Thomas... what do you think?.. and if I do this what would I put on his transcript? I don't feel right saying French 1,2,3, and 4...cuz of the fact that it's not grammar based.. but then on the other hand I think it deserves more than just one Conversational French credit... thoughts? He really needs to focus on math and life skills...I don't want to add things that aren't necessary to his schedule

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Michel-Thomas-Beginners-Program-Speak/dp/0071600825/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1335874533&sr=8-3

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