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Sherry Bowlsby There are a couple of ways you could go:
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Posted at 4:42 pm on May 2, 2012

I don't know what you've studied, their interests or where you're wanting to "go." But, these are the options that JUMP out at me:

1. If you haven't done much American history, you could do BF Early American one year. You could do one of the science kits Timberdoodle offers. The next year, you could do Prairie Primer. That would be everything but math (and depending on how you feel about it, English).

2. You could do the Trail Guides I had been looking at. You only need to add math. This is also American history.

3. You could do SOTW. I haven't used it.

4. You could choose a SL program. i would probably choose younger and beef it up for the oldest.

5. You could purchase Christina Miller's "All Through the Ages" and choose your own books.

To make teaching English easier, you could combine your first and 2nd grader. You could use Easy Grammar's "Daily Guided Teaching and Review for 2nd grade."

Or, to make teaching English easier, you could use Sandy Queen's "Language Lessons for ________" series. I ONLY recommend this to someone who can take a very small lesson and add to it what she feels her student needs. I started this w/the girls in GA. I chose it because it is a COMPLETE program but "lite." By lite I mean... doesn't take much time, is a gentle approach and YOU gear the lesson towards what the child NEEDS. That way you aren't teaching commas for the 5,000th time when they already got it. For your three students, it might only take you 30 minutes (sitting with each one, giving your whole, undivided attention to the lesson) to do ALL THREE CHILDREN! Some days it won't take that long. But, they will be getting all they need.

You could also teach your youngest two math together.

For science, I would purchase a science kit from Timberdoodle or Stratton House's Home Science Adventures and teach science 1 or 2 days/week.

Those are the thoughts that JUMP out at me.

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