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AEinMd Everyone comprehends more of a fl...
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Posted at 3:10 am on May 3, 2012

than they can speak. Comprehension and reading (receptive activities) are always stronger than expressive activities in a foreign language.

If you took Fr 1/ 2, etc (*not* conversational French), it is more understandable to have poor conversational skills since your studies would have focused on grammar (especially a few decades ago when we went to school). Since this course doesn't touch upon grammar, reading or writing at all, it really doesn't make sense to call it French 1/2, etc.; it would have to be conversational French 1 or 2. I don't think she can call it ANYTHING now unless she is going to call it Conversational French 1 and give him a grade on his ability to converse which would then be a very low grade! I don't think she wants to do that. She can't really give him any high school credit until he knows something, don't you think? I mean dragging your kid to a lot of parks doesn't give him an environmental science credit and having your kid listen to a lot of French and not learn it doesn't give him a French credit. That said, I am assuming he can produce the sentences as they are taught. If so, that's conversational French even if he can't have a regular conversation yet-- just a scripted one.

I know I sound like I'm being a stickler but foreign language levels in high school are fairly standardized. This is what my mom did. (She had a PhD and was a licensed foreign language teacher, elementary school teacher and special ed teacher. She also wrote the NYC bilingual school curriculum.) So I think when giving foreign language credit it should reflect what is taught and what is mastered.

As far as your son, not every school would let him decide to go into Spanish I. My alma mater required every student to produce a high school transcript and placement was based on that. When I tried to take college French, they tried to raise my level based on coursework taken 15+ years prior! I had to petition an administrator to be allowed into a lower class.

That said, Rosetta Stone-- without supplemental grammar books-- is not a complete curriculum either-- it is conversational language-- so he probably should step back in level although he will find it easy.

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