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AEinMd Yes, it depends on your classroom ..
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 1:41 pm on May 3, 2012

or school. That's why colleges arrange admissions by area and have so much weight on what school was attended. Our school system requires that grades be for mastery at the high school level-- so no extra credit, no participation or effort points, etc. And, in a ps, there's a standardized curriculum and 'tracks' so an A in Remedial English isn't an A in English 9 isn't an A in Honors English. To be honest, I think teachers in the slowest level in hs and teachers in elementary/ middle are probably more encouraged not to fail the kids. (I know teachers in elementary school really rarely fail kids.) Teachers in AP and Honors are more than willing to give bad grades since the family had the option of putting the student in the lowest level.

By the way, the amusing thing about this is that you are arguing the validity of classroom grades on a homeschooling board. Honestly, I don't think homeschoolers grade their kids with the same standards. While they might argue that they grade for 'mastery,' they also often allow the students unlimited time on the actual assignments and assessments. If the student is failing, the curriculum is often switched without penalty. I don't necessarily have a problem with it-- but I would argue that homeschool grades are far less objective as a whole than school grades, from any school.

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