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cellomom I imagine it would be going better if I could keep track of E. lol

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Posted at 11:27 am on May 4, 2012

She has not really been a schooly mood this week, nor have I. You'd have thought we'd have cranked it out to get our last week of MFW done! We really don't have much left though, and we will still go through the end of May. I decided to add in PE for the entire month of April and May (biking/outdoor activities) for Monday-Saturday. She's outside every day, and I haven't counted anything like that for her all year. That majorly helped with some hours even at 1/2 hour per day.

The older two are technically done with their hours, but hours are really not the best way to track things, so they still have a bit more to finish. Ds is on his very last day of Notgrass American History and is quite overjoyed. He does still have one book to finish that I was waiting and waiting on from the library and finally bought at homeschool conference.

Dd has been reading library books and dancing a lot, so she didn't get as far this week as she could/should have. I'm really not worried about it. As far as I'm concerned the only things she really needs to finish are math and the last few short chapters of Story of Science. She's also got a few little bits of Anne left, but it's mostly reading. She wants to finish the Geology DVDs, too. She really likes though and the earth science text she is going through. She's cramming in a whole text in a 3-4 months, but she likes it, too.

So, I guess I'll go now and find E so we can finish up a few things.

Way to go for getting all of those things done with your older kids!

"Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier." Mother Teresa

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