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Lea The system where my sister teaches is a lot like AE's district...Not as standerized,
Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 4:57 pm on May 4, 2012

But they are trying their hardest to get it that way.

Some of what this district is doing is wonderful, but a lot of it is just crazy. It's not about the kids. It's about how the DISTRICT looks.

My sister loves the kids, but hates the teaching now. HOnestly, that's the way most of the other 2nd grade teachers she works with feels. They only continue teaching because they love the kids. It's hard to love what you do when you are told every stinkin' move to make and fear for your job if you waiver off the course at all...I mean at all.

My sister was telling me over the weekend that one of the "county requirements" for 2nd grade is for the student to write a paper using 3 sources. She admitted it was ridiculous, but said her hands are tied. Oh, and then said that although they get time to help the students in the computer lab on this assignment, that in the end the parents end up really doing this assignment.

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Greta Lea:)

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