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AEinMd I do think...
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 6:59 pm on May 4, 2012

it's hard on the teachers. You have to be a very good and organized teacher to get the kids through and, depending on the kids, it can take a lot out of the teacher-- especially at the younger levels. We have a LOT of kids here who are poor and who don't speak English at home. Let's see: the school system has 144,000 students, 41% of whom have received free/reduced price lunch, 13% are ESOL (Eng as a second language) kids, they are from 164 countries speaking 184 languages and this is the racial breakdown:
African American: 21.2%
American Indian: 0.2%
Asian American: 14.3%
Hispanic: 26.0%
White: 33.7%

I have beefs with our school system but they're not the ones homeschoolers think. The system is plenty rigorous-- really, maybe too rigorous. I think our school system is very hard for kids with an IQ in the lower average rate. It's a great, great school system for kids with IQs of 120 and above.

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