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Sherry Bowlsby For my two younger children:
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Posted at 10:52 am on May 9, 2012

Zach & Michaela's senior year:

They did a chemistry course I pulled together myself using a book by the Smithsonian (great pictures!) and a book Michaela picked out. Then, I ordered the MICRO chem kit from hometrainingtools.

They did math using Systematic Mathematics.

Zach did the Dave Ramsey for teen's course. (Michaela listened to the videos, but not for any credit).

For English, Michaela did SMARR. Zach did Progeny Press. He did: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Fahrenheit 451, Old Man and the Sea, The Scarlet Letter, Screwtape Letters, Tale of Two Cities, Uncle Tom's Cabin and Things Fall Apart.

Rosetta Stone spanish.

I don't exactly remember BUT, for history/geography I think they finished up any odds & ends I had purchased but never got around to using.

Michaela was working at Subway. Zach was doing labor jobs at the beginning of the year. I made him quit, though, so he could just focus on his schooling. They were home 3 days on w/me, 3 days on w/o me until December. They had a LOT of responsibility the first half of that year. They were given money they had to budget themselves. They kept the house running. On my three days off, we tended to "hang out."

We did a daily devotional in the morning. The night before I would choose one of us to do the preparation. In the morning, Zach would get our "drink orders" and he would make us each a hot drink (hot tea, Alpine spiced cider, hot cocoa or coffee). They would climb into my bed and that is how we would start the morning.

That is also the year Zach made a beautiful quilt for my mother-outlaw. It was an aplique quilt. It had tiny, tiny pieces and also embroidery. He worked on it 4 hours/day for about a month or so. (I allowed this because she was very sick and I wanted to make sure she actually got it).GRUELING. He listened to me reading aloud or Diana Waring tapes. (Not for any sort of credit).

The kids were both in a quilting group with a bunch of older women. Zach worked on his own things. Michaela worked on the ladies' UFOs. They were not home all day on Wednesdays to attend this group.

I don't remember if Zach was still doing sound for any church, then.

At the beginning of their senior year, we did not have an exact plan for either of them. Zach suddenly decided he didn't want to do labor jobs for the rest of his life and we decided to send him to college in Australia. Michaela registered at the local college since she was only 15. This was decided LITERALLY "spur of the moment." There wasn't much of a "plan." (I recommend having a PLAN and having an SAT score so you can apply for scholarships. We did okay w/o one, though).

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