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Little Leni Sunshine Tricky question.

Admiral Sloops Ahoy!
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Posted at 11:42 am on May 9, 2012

My older two kids never made it to their official senior year. First child combined Jr and Sr in one year, second child quit during Jr and got his GED.

So really, the work dd will do next year is the work of her Senior year. But my plan is to NOT have her graduate, but do her final year of high school completely at the community college.

So, that said, here is what she will do next year.

Notgrass Economics
Notgrass Government
Teaching Textbooks Geometry (Alg 1 & 2 completed)
English 102 (Community College)
Apologia Chemistry
Art (Need to look at the book title again)
Music (Leads teen worship, practice 2x/week, plus is a member of County Youth Chior)

She volunteers for a local MOPS group, so that has her out one day a week.

If, for whatever reason she cannot do CC her senior year, we will continue on with:

Notgrass Geography (assuming it's done)
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calc
English 105 (CC)
Apologia Physics


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