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Holly well, I think I'm gonna call him a junior but
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Posted at 6:58 pm on May 10, 2012

he was a 9th grader twice...he'll be 17 next school year.

He'll take Real Analysis I and II at the local college, followed by Topology (knot theory) for his math. He'll also take Physics 1,2 and 3 for majors there as well.

He'll finish his 4th AWANA Journey books to complete his Citation Award for Bible.

He'll do Mapping the World by Heart for World Geography.

I'm hoping the lady who led a teen lit group this year will do it again, but I kinda doubt she will. That's a good, solid novel per month.

He'll take gym at the local co-op.

Not sure what I'll do to keep him writing yet. Probably IEW, maybe their worldview book, that looks pretty cool.

He'll compete in Science Olympiad again. He usually does at least one building event and at least a couple academic ones. I'm also thinking of starting a Toastmasters club here for kids (called Gavel Club), so that would be public speaking.

Not sure what else yet...probably some language through the free LiveMocha. He's got a Latin 1 and 2 credit (Rosetta Stone) already.


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