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Sherry Bowlsby The Cliff notes version of Kyle's story:
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Posted at 11:13 am on May 11, 2012

Kyle was born just two weeks after my 18th birthday. I was not a Christian back then. I did not believe in abortion and my mother (who was raised in a nightmare of foster care) did not want me to give him up for adoption.

I married Kyle's father (my high school sweetheart) a couple of weeks after Kyle was born. Kyle was a difficult, fussy baby. He cried incessantly. I took him to the pediatrician but they didn't really LOOK INTO why he was crying. They said I wasn't a good mother, wasn't producing enough milk and should give him up for adoption.

I was working as a beautician. Kyle's dad shook him when he couldn't get him to stop crying. I didn't know. Kyle began having seizures and I thought he was blind. A trip to the doctor had us at the hospital. Kyle had shaken baby syndrome and he "died" twice while at the hospital. They baptised him (at my request) the first time.

Kyle was a very sick baby who stayed in the ICU for quite some time. They said he would never sit up, walk, talk or even roll over- he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

Kyle had an AMAZING jewish eye doctor and he had some friends who he had shared my story with and they wanted to adopt to Kyle so I could have "another chance." I didn't even have to think about that.

There was an AMAZING program in Northern Virginia where I lived: The PIE Program. It was for infants and toddlers w/developmental issues. Kyle got PT, OT, speech and vision therapies. He walked on time!

Fast forward a few years. I met Alan when Kyle was 3. We married and he adopted Kyle.

Fast forward again. When Kyle was 5, he wanted to learn to read. He learned quickly. He started public school, K. He began telling people about his "passing over" and seeing God. That when he had died when he was a baby, he saw God and he wanted to stay w/God but God told him he had to come back.

Kyle would hitch a ride to church w/some of our neighbors. One family went to the baptist church. Another family was evangelical (out there, in my mind!) If he was in trouble for anything (which he rarely was), we would tell him for punishment he couldn't go to church on Sunday. (I wasn't too tickled w/him going and I felt like people were "taking advantage of him" because churches wanted him to come and tell his "testimony." I had no idea what that was, of course: something about his story. Which, btw, I always did believe was a miracle!)

Fast forward to Kyle's 3rd grade. Kyle began having issues in school. He was in the AG program but... he was showing some LD issues. Testing showed he was borderline MR in some areas. The school wanted me to "choose" a label. He could either be AG or LD, not both. We chose AG. But, he was BEGGING me to homeschool. I'm sure he got the idea from some of his Christian friends and I was DEFINITELY NOT interested. ("Homeschooling is for religious fanatics).

And here is the second miracle: due to Michaela's health issues (which were still a mystery at that time) I got turned into CPS for telling the public school that her health was more important than his education. (A statement I don't regret saying). You see, he had missed the bus and she had pnumonia and I refused to take her out to drop him off at school.

Then, there was the fact that he hadn't memorized his multiplication tables. If he didn't have the memorized, they were going to hold him back (even though he was already bored silly AND had straight A's!) My mom (also not a Christian) was really pushing me to homeschool. Alan was DEAD SET against it. WELL, **I** had NEVER managed to memorize my multiplication tables and I told the school it didn't keep me out of COLLEGE! (Nor had I learned how to tell time, but I didn't bring that up). So... Kyle and I BOTH memorized our multiplication tables by the end of the year (we both took our test in the principals' office; I got my pin two days before he got his). And... when the school year was done, I promised Kyle we would homeschool for ONE year (so he could "get his act together.")

Well... we LOVED it! The second year, since he was always saying he was a Christian... I decided we would use Christian materials.

And... so... through studying about creation and the Bible, along side my children... ultimately me, Zach and Michaela all became saved!

And, that is not where his story ends. Sadly.

When Kyle was 15, he began having some problems which ultimately led my father to ask me to watch the movie: A Beautiful Mind. Which led to Kyle's diagnosis of Schizophrenia.

Many don't know this, but early TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is being linked w/Schizophrenia).

And that catches you up to the other post.

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