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Sherry Bowlsby The Cliff notes version of Zach's story:
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Posted at 11:19 am on May 11, 2012

Zach also had a miracle!

He was legally deaf up until 4th grade. I would take him for testing and they would put him in a sound proof booth and play sounds and he would hear them.

Finally, I did some research and heard about CAPD. So, we had him tested w/o a sound proof booth and it was determined he was legally deaf!

Michaela volunteered to go to public school for a year (when she should've been in 1st grade). The school tested her (because I wanted her placed into second) and she tested into 5th. So, we put her in 3rd. (And, that was an amazing year. A lot of wonderful things happened, though they were difficult at the time).

Kyle and I took turns giving Zach therapy from October thru to the spring. At the end of it all, Zach was retested: NORMAL HEARING!

Unfortunately, boys who don't have hearing during a certain, early developmental stage will struggle with language acquisition. However, Zach has done remarkably well and is in a Christian art school in Australia. And THAT is a miracle!

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