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cellomom The hours thing is ridiculous IMHO.

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Posted at 10:36 am on May 12, 2012

The same hours are require for 1st grader as for 12th grader, so we've also approached it more like an hour a lesson for several things. If it clearly takes less than 1/2 hour I count it for 1/2 hour, and if it only takes about 5 minutes it counts for 1/4 hour. Special activities are rounded (like a concert might be 2 hours), and sometimes I just flat out guess. Perhaps it is easier for others to track hours, but we don't have any days that are the same, so I came up with a system that regulated things a bit.

So that's why I say they are arbitrary in some ways. E might spend 20 minutes on math, and ds might spend 1 1/2 hours, but they both get counted for an hour (this is the one thing I've always counted an hour no matter what). This is partly why E still has so many hours left. The other reason is because she hasn't been reading much on her own, and 1/2 hour a day adds in 2 1/2 hours a week or 10 hours a month (roughly). big difference over a few months' time.

And I should qualify. I don't think it would be ridiculous for your son if it is motivating. I just get irritated with the way it is the same for all grades in MO. It is 600 core hours and 400 non-core hours. Needless to say, my older two have over 1000, and that's with me erring on the conservative hours. I figure it's 100 hours/month for 10 months (2 months of breaks here and there) which averages out to about 5 hours/day.

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