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cellomom oh, I would love that!

Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 6:45 pm on Jun 8, 2012

If you ever do decide to do that, I could have ds stay with the girls for a little bit, and you could stay in his room. Nothing fancy, but it would be a place to stay.

Oh, and the books are quite categorized. I just need to weed more out. I have a hard time deciding, because they are on all subjects, so it's like breaking up a big set. I've thinned out as I've run across doubles (did I mention my uncle started giving me books when I was in K?) At one count it was over 3000...more than that now, but I really have gotten rid of bunches, and I rarely buy new books unless they are homeschool related (or the YWAM bios that dd loves. LOL). There are bunches I'm willing to part with, but a lot of those dh isn't. hehe. Isn't that the way it works? I keep holding on to the Henty books, too. Ds hasn't gotten into them, but dd has read several. I kinda think E won't get into them, but I could be wrong. She hasn't really taken off with reading yet. She's a decent reader, but she doesn't pour over books like the other two did.

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