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cellomom There are many, many makers of violins.

Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 7:08 pm on Jun 13, 2012

My advice would be to find a teacher first and see if they know of any places in your area or find a real violin shop (not Meyer Music) and see what they have. If you end up ordering something, I would probably go through Shar Music or Johnson String. They are both reputable string companies and have a line of beginner instruments. Since your son has played for awhile, his ear (and yours) would probably appreciate a step up from that if you can afford it. I believe Shar also does rentals, and you could check with local music shops, too. Some will do a "rent to own" program which is nice. That way you can apply the money to that instrument (or often to another one...upgrade) or not put out the full amount and just rent until you see how he likes it.

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