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cellomom Thanks. That confirms what I was thinking.

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Posted at 4:41 pm on Jun 16, 2012

What I have told him is that the college courses come first, and that we will adjust at home to deal with it. Thank you for saying that is what you would do, too. I really wasn't sure what others do. I *think* he can handle it, but I honestly don't know!

If he does not take Calc 2, then both the Physics and Calc 1 have problem solving days inbetween lectures (can do homework in class), so while they are college level, it is spread out. The Spanish would be full pace, but I believe/hope Spanish 1 will be partially review for him, and he catches onto languages quickly. There will still be the workload though.

As far as home courses...

The novel...he and dd have wanted to do OYAN for a long time. They've been waiting until she was in high school so they could do it together. We can slow down the pace if we need to.

Geography...this is actually a middle school course (Runkle's Physical Geography) + a bit of extra, but it should be mostly be review and will only be a 1/2 credit.

Government would be Notgrass (1/2 credit, right?), and that's the one I'm worried about it. I probably won't buy it until after I see how things are going, because that would be 2nd semester anyway.

The literature would probably not even be 1/2 credit, and it would be the most flexible thing. I think that since we are doing the OYAN, that will be the main English credit. I don't think he would even need the lit, do you? The plan was to do a couple of PP guides with dd. Really not sure how that will happen, but I need it to happen for dd. grrr

How do you count the college credit on high school transcript? I'm thinking that each college course would be one full credit. Is that right?

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