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IdaMay ABeka
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Posted at 8:04 pm on Jun 23, 2012

use the Health

I use some of their texts, but usually not their programs as written. :/ some use them as written, but I did not always. I think we will be using their US History and Government for high school, because

I have it all, it didn't cost me much... and I can't see using the limited funds on something else.... same with the Lit/Grammar. BUT we do have OYAN for to use for one year of high school. I think ABeka's Geography is one year, while BJU's is one semester. We have BJU's so we used that and combined it with some other things to make two semesters out of it.

I understand Leni's comments, but really one should be able to use the materials and make things fairly pleasant... ummm it would not be an out of the box, student works it on their own bit, but doable.

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