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cellomom I have a bit more research to do, but I think this is what dd and decided today for Am. Hx.

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Posted at 6:22 pm on Jul 4, 2012

I really did not want to spend $100 on America the Beautiful (Notgrass, middle school) when we will be doing American again later at a more appropriate high school level AND because we have a ton of stuff here that we could use. She was a bit miffed when I first mentioned not getting it, because it seemed as though I was going back on my plan...the structured, straightforward one she was craving.

So...we got down the big box of American History resources. We pulled out all kinds of goodies, and lo and behold, we ran across the Beautiful Feet middle school American and World History that is literature based, of course. I *think* this may be our base! There are numerous other literature recommendations besides the ones required, and she hasn't read a bunch of them.

We might just go ahead and nix geography for this year (don't gasp) and save American Government for next year so that the two of them can do it together still. That would mean that ds does Econ this year instead...not a bad option really, although it does put a gap between his study of Am. history and government. I think that will be ok though. On the other hand, I may go ahead and try to do the geography. Otherwise, he really doesn't have a history this year, and it's definitely going to be on the light side for them.

Back to Am Hx for dd, I've got to pull together all the rest of the resources I have and either schedule them out or just make an optional reading list for her. Not sure how best to do this. There's really plenty to keep her busy with just the BF guide.

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