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Little Leni Sunshine 11th next year. We usually start in August, but due to the wedding, we won't start until mid September.

Admiral Sloops Ahoy!
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Posted at 10:38 pm on Jul 7, 2012

It will put us off schedule for the quarter, but we should be able to catch it up pretty easily.

She does online courses also, so those will start on schedule, and she'll just take a week off while we go on vacation after the wedding.

This year's line up:

Apologia Chemistry
Notgrass Government/Economics
Teaching Textbooks Geometry
English 102 (Community College)
Systematic Theology
Artistic Pursuits Book 1
Valley Youth Choir
Travel Soccer League
Volunteer Teacher with MOPS

Classes we're considering (they might be available online):
British Lit & Photography


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