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IdaMay need a high school level science course
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 8:09 pm on Jul 9, 2012

He has taken:

Intro to Chem and Physics [also known as Physical Science] with Apologia and the DIVE lessons/additional labs

Biology with Apologia and DIVE

now what??

He is NOT ready for math in Chemistry, mostly because he does not want to work. He is beginning Algebra this fall. *sigh* he may have someone else teach him Algebra -- I give up. Really, I have a friend who is has her degree in teaching hs math, so she is gong to work with us, somehow.

I'll have him to chemistry the following year [11th] and then Physics [12th].

I was thinking Creation Science. At first he said, "NO!" This week is VBS and our church has a great speaker on Creation Science. He has a series of DVD presentations and college level power point lessons, complete with worksheets, tests, and more in pdf files. Some of us are trying to get the church to purchase, because he has not copyrighted his materials.... so that you can share with homeschoolers and students in the ps, as they will come and see or watch on their own... a way to get the evidence for creation out to those who have never heard.

Maybe we will do this....

He would like to see a list [I do not have one] of his other choices.... ummm I would have to invent/write/compile anything else for a science course, myself. He is not my easiest child. Would he even do what I would compile? I am not sure. I'd not be happy to put tons of time into something and then he pushes it off, ya know?

so, could you all help me with a list?

and where would I get materials?

how much material is high school level?

thanks, so much!

I can only teach you; you must educate yourself.

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