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(unknown user) Thanks for suggesting the YWAM biographies. They should fit in as extra reading with our year's plan... (comments, please).
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Posted at 12:29 am on Aug 6, 2012

DS14 (9th grade)

Abeka Biology (co-op)
Abeka Spanish (1/2 the course this year, 2nd half next year)
Notgrass Gov't/Econ/Writing (I'm teaching this at co-op, we're going to try it and see if he can handle it on top of the rest)
Saxon Algebra 1 (2nd half of book--1 semester)
Great Learning Geometry (DVD course--1 semester)
Sonlight 10/40 window unit for history/literature/geography

DD 10yo (5th grade)

Christian Kids Explore Physics (co-op)
Saxon 7/6
Sonlight 10/40 window unit for history/literature/geography
Home School Choir (co-op)
sewing (co-op---they are going to make bears one semester and aprons the other semester)
I want to do some nutrition with her as well....maybe do notebooking on that and use it as a 4H project

Please feel free to comment!

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