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Des Oh, Greta
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Posted at 10:54 am on Aug 16, 2012

that's all I want for my Ds! It took him 3 hours yesterday to get his history and math done!! That's all we're doing for right now. I can't even imagine what his day is going to be like when the other courses are in. I'm so tired of the battle that I just don't know what to do. That's why i've been re-reading ForMuLA because I really need to redo things and help/force him to take ownership of his education. You know what ticks me off? I'd like to have had 1/2 of his smarts when I was in school. He really is just lazy and thinks that everything should be easy for him. I also think that because it's momma who's doing the teaching, he doesn't feel that he should have to put his best foot forward, ykwim? Anyway, i'm so glad you posted because I so needed to talk to you about how you're doing history.

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