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Des Well, for CTGE
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Posted at 9:57 am on Aug 17, 2012

i've heard that it's like R&S only in workbook format. I've never used R&S, so I don't know if that's true or not. I do believe (I could be wrong) that it's a little advance, because it only goes to 8th grade. I definitely think that the level i'm using could be used up to 5th grade. The layout is not the best, black and white, but I think my Ds may need that because he gets so distracted. The best thing for me is the workbook format. I'm going to be working on his writing stamina this year. So glad you had a bit of down time this week with no outside commitments. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your walk on the beach!! I'm so glad your ankle is feeling better. I'd like to strangle your GP for telling you to wait before seeing a podiatrist.

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