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cellomom Thanks for the encouragement.

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Posted at 4:14 pm on Aug 17, 2012

There are some things she does quite well. She loves to color, and so she's made herself copies from the Ancient coloring books I have, and she will just color while I read to them. E has started doing it some, too (follower). We only have one more day of Mr. Popper's Penguins. They would probably love it if I finished it today. I think dn focuses best when she knows she can just listen and enjoy. She does focus really well during Character, and she knows her Bible stories fairly well. E has not focused well in this area at all, and it's not because we haven't been through them. I think she daydreams a lot.

One other positive thing was with the JUMP math program. With the fractions it is breaking it down it down into very small steps, and she was getting confused. I think it was because she had done it before and was trying to think out the whole problem. Once she realized she only had to do a simple part, she took off. She got her 3s through 30 this week. Even she realized what an accomplishment that was. We are doing 4s next week. LOVE Times Tales. it seems so little for what you get, but I borrowed it, and it is FUN. Dd was going, huh? but they have already learned some harder facts. hehe Thanks to Nancy Bjorkman at Heppner Legacy HS supplies for that suggestion. :-)

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