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SandyinMD Spicy Italian Minestrone

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Posted at 10:17 pm on Sep 16, 2008

More of a method than a recipe...its the only way I cook.

Saute SPICY Italian sausage til done. I use at least a pound or more. Can be links or bulk. If it is links chop it up after cooking. Transfer to soup pot. Saute shredded cabbage in leftover fat and olive oil if there is not much fat from the sausage. I use about a half head of cabbage. You can add onion at this step as well.

Put it all in the large pot and add at least 1-1.5 quarts of water. Add either a can of beef stock or a couple teaspoons of beef base. Add 2 cans of tomatoes, any kind, the best are diced or stewed with Italian herbs, peppers, celery etc.

At this point add any veggies you like to this basic soup. I always add great northern beans, corn, diced potatoes, carrots.

Most important for really great flavor. Add a small (1/4 cup sized at least) chunk of real parmesan and let it simmer in the soup until ready to serve. I leave it in there. It add a LOT of flavor and mellowness to the broth which balances the spicy sausage.

Bring to almost a boil and then lower to simmer. It is best to let it simmer for at least 3 or more hours.

You can do the sausage and cabbage part and then put the whole deal into the crockpot and add the other stuff. Let it cook on low all day.

This is a wonderful hearty soup. Even better on days 4-5. You can also add small cooked pasta but I don't because it tends to get mushy when there are leftovers. We alway have leftovers because I make a huge vat of this soup because it is so good the days after as well. All I serve with it is a good chunk of bread or grilled Italian or boule bread.

I hope someone tries this, it is a favorite here!

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