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lin This requires cooking, but it's my best tip...

Blithe Bonny Boatswain
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Posted at 10:24 am on Aug 7, 2009

I buy boneless, skinless frozen chicken breasts in a bag. Thaw and marinate in several different marinages. Dh grills them all (usually 2 bags) early Sat mornings before it gets too hot out. I slice/shred/cube it and refreeze, so it is quick to thaw and ready to make into another meal. We then have enough chicken for a long time without cooking or heating up the house.

Something else I do is before bed, prepare a few whole chickens for baking. I then pop them in the oven @ 4:30. They are done in just under 2 hours. Repeat the process above.

We eat a lot of chicken, though. lol

Other ideas:
taco/burrito 'bar' (only cooking the taco meat, warming the beans)

chef salad (include chicken, deli meat, eggs for protein)

MYOsubs - we like to use french loaf from the grocer, light mayo, fresh ground pepper, turkey breasts, green leaf lettuce and red onion!


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