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Briggie Geez, some days I am so SLOW!!!!!

Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 10:46 pm on Apr 3, 2010

I thought about editing my first post and hoping no one saw it, and make up something else to put in there, but I figure I'll just leave it. It'll give you ladies something to laugh about.

First of all, when I read your post, I was thinking I was on MomCafe, not ChefMom, and I thought, "Oh! Someone else just asked this question recently." Then, after I posted in reply, I realized that I wasn't in MomCafe, which is when I edited it.

It just now occurred to me, "You know, considering that those posts were on dft forums, it could very well have been the same person who asked the question on both forums." So I checked.

Pathetic. Some days I'm just pathetic.

Good of me to give you advice to search for your own post, huh? You may now all commence with the laughing.

Use both lanes to merge point.

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