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Tina Duke For Leigh Ann.. or anyone else who's interested..Crock pot Creamy Chicken Manicotti... YUMMY

Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 8:14 am on Mar 8, 2012

2 jars alfredo sauce (I made homemade, I'll post that recipe)

1 can chicken broth (I used bouillon)

12oz grilled chicken breast finely chopped

1 1/4 cup frozen petite peas

1 c ricotta

4oz cream cheese softened

1/4 c. refrigerated pesto sauce

8oz dried manicotti shells

1 c. shredded italian cheese

chopped fresh parsley

whisk alfredo sauce and chicken broth til smooth

In a different bowl stir chicken, peas, ricotta cheese, cream cheese and pesto til combined

Fill shells w/chicken mixture

spray crock pot

pour 1/3 of alfredo sauce in crock pot

put 1/2 shells on top of it

top with another 1/3 sauce

sprinkle 1/2 c cheese

repeat with remaining shells then rest of sauce and the remaining 1/2 c. cheese

cover and cook on low 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours

sprinkle with parsley

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