Advent 2008 is here! This year, Advent begins on Sunday, November 30th and will last for 26 days.

     Patience is a virtue, you know.  What am I going to do with you?  You must be reallllly bored.  Don't you have some Christmas shopping to do?  Are you at it again?
 I see coal in your stocking this Christmas...  ...and I think you just made the naughty list.  What do you take me for?  No, don't answer that.  Merry Christmas!  Just kidding.  Just move along...nothing to see here.  Cool your jets, Astro!  The cold temperatures must be getting to you.
 Shouldn't you be homeschooling?  Clicking won't bring Christmas any faster!  Go string some popcorn or something!  You know, this site has other pages...  I think I hear your mother-in-law calling!  Remember WHO is the reason for the season.  No, it's not you!  ;o)  You're really having fun with this, aren't you?
 ...and a partridge in a pear tree!!!  Oh, you caught me!  Haven't you given up by now?  Thank goodness we're almost there!  I'd tell you to go make snow angels, but...  Nice try.  You are relentless.  Are you planning to visit next year, too?  

Using Our Advent Calendar
Every day on the TeachingMOM Advent Calendar is full of goodies to help you and your family create some wonderful traditions this Advent and Christmas, as well as have some good old-fashioned fun! You'll probably learn a few interesting facts about the season as well. We've collected some of the best on the net--and your public library!--for you all in one convenient spot. But don't feel that you should be doing everything listed on each day!

The Advent Calendar was made to be used over again for as many years as you can get something out of it. So you probably won't light the Advent candles, do a Jesse Tree AND make Chrismon ornaments all in the same year. And you may not have time for all of the "Advent Extras" I've thrown in! Don't worry. The Advent Calendar will be here for years to come and I'll update the links and make appropriate changes each year. So relax, choose some fun things to study and do, and enjoy! God bless you this Christmas. ~Leigh Ann

Advent Calendar Prep Pages
Here are some pages which will help you to use our calendar to the fullest! With these you can make a month-long unit study of Advent and Christmas or just get some ideas for how to create your own Advent traditions at home.

Advent History and Calendar/Wreath Help Learn about the history of Advent and how to create many different Advent calendars and/or wreaths for your family's use.
Leigh Ann's Ultimate Christmas Books and Websites List! These are the books and websites I used in the creation of this Advent calendar or just love to visit during the season. I'm sure you'll find them useful and fun as well!

This Day in History--ADVENT! This list will help you find historical events and famous birthdays to add to your celebration of Advent. It's the Advent version of "This Day in History..."

Advent Verse Chain Links (days 1-12) Making an Advent Chain is a popular, easy and fun way to count down the days until Christmas! Print off these ready-made strips with the verses from our Advent Calendar right on them to use for your Advent Chain! Cut the strips closely along the edges of the text, read one together each night (add a sticker or two for fun if you like!) staple or tape into a ring, and add it to your growing chain.
Advent Verse Chain Links (days 13-23 for a 23-day Advent)

Advent Discussion Questions Print and cut out these discussion starters and questions for meal times or as part of your other Christmas and Advent festivities. Fold them and place in a pretty wrapped box, a basket or a stocking and pass it around, taking turns asking the questions! I've included both fun and thoughtful discussion starters and trivia type questions. Enjoy!

Individual Info Pages

Only want certain sections of our Advent Calendar? Here, I've compiled pages of information that you can view or print out and use as you like. (Especially for those who are overwhelmed at all the content of the full Advent Calendar!) Information on each page is listed in the order they appear in the Calendar.

Bible Verses for Advent - ONLY the Scriptures used in our Calendar. View Online Print (PDF)
Advent Books and Movies List I've previewed nearly all of the books and movie listed here, but please preview for yourselves as well!
Christmas Carols and Hymns - ONLY the history of Christmas carol info. Print (PDF)
Christmas Around the World - ONLY the Christmas traditions of countries around the world. Print (PDF)
Fun and Craft Links -

Can't get enough? Here are some more great Advent Calendars online!

About.com's Countdown to Christmas Each day offers a recipe, game, coloring page, craft, e-card and activity page.
Advent Reflections Verses, reflections, "Advent Actions" (service and kind works suggestions), and prayers.
Allrecipes.com 2008 Cookie CountdownLast Year's Countdown A new cookie recipe for every day.
Annie's Advent Calendar One of our favorites and the site that inspired me to create my own Advent calendar. Be sure to see Annie's other Advent and Christmas pages.
Artcyclopedia's Advent Calendar Each day offers a fine art masterpiece related to the Nativity.
A Bach Christmas Calendar A new Bach piece for every day of December from BBC.
BanjoBunny Advent Calendar An Advent Calendar by Banjo Bunny card co.
Beliefnet's Advent Calendar The links on this Advent calendar are great! For example, day 2 has a slideshow of creches (nativity figures) from around the world. Each day has a completely different selection.
Boowa & Kwala's Countdown to Christmas Fun,quirky little Christmas countdown.
Christian Christmas Advent Calendar Daily Bible readings, activities, crafts, recipes and songs to sing for Advent.
DLTK-Kids Christmas Story Advent Coloring Book Christmas story coloring pages for every day of Advent.
Dickinson-Dees Online Advent Calendar A mini game to play each day.
Erling's Christmas Calendar This is cute! A boy in Norway shares his artwork. I got a chuckle after clicking on a day ahead of time...
Homeschooled-Kids.com Advent Calendar for Families Each day offers a carol, Scriptures, a snack, game or craft. Cute!
Imagitek's Christmas Time Together This changes each day, so don't forget to check in! (I couldn't find a main page with all the days listed!) Bible verse, recipe, game and link for every day.
Jesse Tree Advent Page Another resource for Jesse Tree Bible references and Messianic Prophecies. Set up like a Christmas tree Advent Calendar.
My Friend Advent and Christmas Fun This site is great! There is an interactive Advent calendar, a cute e-book about the Christmas story, some shockwave games and coloring pages.
The Nativity Story Advent Calendar (Download) This downloadable Advent calendar has images from the Nativity Story movie along with short devotions/Scriptures.
North Pole Advent Calendar Pretty calendar with an activity, joke, Christmas fact, etc. for every day of December.
St. Margaret Mary Parish Advent Calendar Just a simple verse on a beautiful background for the days leading up to Christmas.
Papa Bear's Web Advent Calendar Open presents from bears around the world with Papa Bear, one day at a time. Cute!
World Advent Calendar A new trivia type question each day about Christmas in other nations.
Wycliffe Advent Calendar From Wycliffe Bible Translators...each day reveals a Christmas fact and a reason for the season!
Yule in Iceland Advent Calendar Nice images and sentiments for each day.
Medieval Advent Calendar Each day takes you to link with medieval Christmas stories, legends and images.

That should keep you busy for a while! :o)


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